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With knowing nothing of the culture and very little of the problems they are trying to solve, my answer is and unquestioning yes (unless they don't offer remote, in which case, I'm out)


I would rather say NO not knowing the culture and such. Not sure is it a good or bad approach from my side, but it surprised me that you mentioned not knowing culture or problems they are trying to solve and answered Yes.


I appreciate the mission, so getting to contribute to that means a lot.

Of course, but haven't you been burnt enough times? Like I assume you have a lot of experience since you're requiring remote work so I can guess it's more on my side with the trust issues... But I get it like Neuralink looks like it could help people.

Oh sure, I've been burned before, but fortunately, it's just a job and that can be remedied quickly if the culture is super toxic or the problems aren't any fun, but I tend to err on the side of assuming that people are good and want to be good so I don't really fear toxic cultures.

That being said, I acknowledge my privilege in being a cis white male in this industry.


From former employees, any Musk company is a nigghtmare to work at. They demand you put a highly and unrealistic number of hours and in effect, they burn through a lot of engineers. And they know, because everyone wants to have Tesla experience on their resume, and they will happily get whatever they need out of you until you quit and they shift to someone else.