🤔 Do you use Redux, if not what do you use?

pankajpatel profile image Pankaj Patel ・1 min read

I don't hate Redux but you need to maintain a lot of files.

This makes me cringe but seems like not-enough reason to remove redux completely 🤷‍♂️

I like the new global state management with Context and useState/useReducer

What do you guys use for global state management? and why?


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My last project just used Context, since all I needed to do was very basic CRUD operations. I'm kinda considering using MobX for my next project, but that's going to wait until I'm on more boring tech.


That's nice, same for me regarding the Contexts.

MobX can be a good alternative. I have never tried it, or to say, never needed to try it.

Thanks for the answer


I use redux when it's an easier option.


I have another question, when is Redux an easier option? I am guessing it re one of the last ones for you?


global variable and a proxy its one line and requires not setup or any imports.


Well it is simple enough, I am not comfortable putting anything on Global space. I guess if you are using this way, I would love to see some code example


I use Redux. If you want to cut down on general state you could use something like GraphQL.