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Placement Portal Project during summer break!

My Final Project

I built an online on-campus Placement & Internship automation web portal for my college. ( MNIT Jaipur )

Demo Link

Live URL -

Link to Code

Github Link -

How I built it (what's the stack? did I run into issues or discover something new along the way?)

I used MEAN Stack ( Mongodb + Angularjs + ExpressJs + NodeJs). It was a great learning and roller coaster journey. Learning how to improve web application performance, was a good experience.

Additional Thoughts / Feelings / Stories

Last year, i joined Placement Cell of my college as student placement coordinator. Our job was to contact companies and invite them for the campus placements to our college. Campus placement process was quite hectic till then for placement team and students as well till then. For every company, students has to fill his information as Name, CGPA, Branch and other details again and again through google forms and it was super difficult for us to manage all the data.

I realised the problem and thought of solving this problem. I had two options at that time, either prepare for my own campus placement during this summer or built this project to help my and upcoming batches.

I decided to spent my complete summer for this project. Everyone was preparing for his campus placements during summer and i was sending emails to companies whole day and working on the project in night. It was very difficult for me to manage time for my placements.

After lots of sleepless nights and working hard for 1.5 months, i showed the demo to authorities. They rejected the project within 5 min and said, this is not gonna work at all. It has a very less features. I didn't give up and started working the scaling the application along with adding more features to make the process smooth for the students as one click apply, better UI and performance etc.

Finally, they approved it. Project is live at and Placement team and students are using it since 1 year.

Happy to see, my work is helping someone.

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