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Discussion on: Exploring the Monorepo #2: Workspaces (npm, pnpm)

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AFAIK when you're compiling api project and you import files from analytics project, what happens is:

  • ts compiler picks up settings from api project
  • picks files from wherever you references them
  • smashes them into one program

If files from analytics aren't compatible with the typescript version and options from api, it will break. This is because they are treated as loose files, not independent codebases. And you can't have two different rulesets apply to different files (AFAIK - if someone knows different, I'd be happy to learn).

In this use case, I'd pull analytics out of the monorepo and put it into its own project. Publish as a private npm module. Then reference compiled code from monorepo.

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Jon Lauridsen

That's really good information, thanks!

So "can't have two different rulesets apply to different files" applies to all settings? Wow, yikes. I got some work ahead of me then. I very much want to avoid pulling anything out of the monorepo.

I've feared from the start that I have to explore building all the code and only rely on js references, so api would use analytics's compiled js output. I'm confident that'll work, but I don't know a way to make that a good coding experience because changes won't be reflected live… πŸ˜•

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Once again, AFAIK.

There is one thing you can experiment with that I use in one project. You can declare a local npm module, that lives in the same monorepo with the rest of the code.

The declaration would look like this:

"dependencies": {
  "analytics": "file:libs/analytics",
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Then in lib/analytics define a package.json and tsconfig with the settings you like. Build.

Then when you do import x from 'analytics'; is should find the compiled code from libs/analytics/dist. Then add npm hooks to run compilation on post npm-install or whenever you need depending on your workflow.

I haven't tried this, but maybe it's worth a shot.

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Jon Lauridsen • Edited

Yeah that makes sense. It's the "npm hooks to run compilation" that bothers me, because it sounds a lot like I'll be fighting the tools to do things they weren't meant for. But it might be the only way 😬

Thanks for the insights.