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Well, a few reasons:

  1. I have a Ras Pi and remember hearing that Python was the "official language" of the device. However, I am aware that I could program it in other langs.

  2. I have a friend that is a Python dev who doesn't live too far away from me. Once I get my footing, perhaps we can do some paired work together.

  3. I really like AI/ML/Data Science and hear Python is well-equipped to handle those kinds of problems.

  4. I read it's a declarative language and that sounds appealing to me. It sounded a littler easier to read and I thought that might be a bit more encouraging/help me get to my foot in the door.

  5. I mean who doesn't wanna work with a language called Python! I'm a Python dev... can't wait to tell friends and family that. It sounds ridiculous!

All solid reasons! Gluck on your journey and I expect updates to your progress. I just set a reminder in my calendar to check up on you and your journey in a month... I hope in that time you code something greater than the Gibson!

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