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Why do you need the Node js SDK on Firebase auth?

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Hey developer world, today we're going to talk about an important topic.
Why do you need the Node js sdk on firebase auth?
Authenticating with firebase auth is truly a fabulous thing. It allows us to identify our users on our application in a simple way. But beware firebase does not provide all the features with mobile applications, so to have other powerful features you have to use the NODE JS SDK.

What is Firebase Node js sdk?

First of all, you have to know what Node js is, it is just a javascript framework that allows us to manage our backend, it is to write javascript on the server side.
The Admin SDK for Node.js provides APIs for authentication, user management, real-time database, and more.

How does it work with Firebase.?

Ahh Firebase cloud function, this revolutionary tool that has changed the lives of javascript developers like me😍 No need to have two servers to run our application. you just need to drop the node js code on firebase cloud function and Boom !! it is done.
Firebase takes care of the rest, simple no.
Firebase is really awesome😍😍
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