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Discussion on: What is your favourite programming language and what do you like the most of it?

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt • Edited

My love-hate, yet my favorite is TypeScript, because of very well-done IDE integration.

  • I can run a CLI script with it, sometimes without transpiling to JavaScript first, via ts-node.
  • Flexibility, because I can always downgrade to JavaScript with any, unlike Kotlin, which seems strongly typed, with all features I'll ever need, but I cannot downgrade it to dynamic.
  • Vastness of libraries, not only frontend, but also backend and non-web related.

So, my second favorite is actually Kotlin. Have most Python can do, plus more, also less flaw. I am shying away from Python, btw. My explanation on this was somewhere in Quora.

Yes, I do have things I like in Python as well. Doctest, Jupyter Notebook, several bindings to C or C++ libraries.