re: I created a website, but when do I have to notify users that I want your cookies? VIEW POST

re: The only official legislation that I'm aware referring to the disclosure of cookies is within the EU. This is separate from GDPR, and falls under ...

I am worried mostly about Google Analytics and Disqus, actually. Or, are they respective companies' problems?

Actually, I have exactly another one use case of cookies -- securing user authentication and session without relying on localStorage.


I'm not a lawyer so couldn't tell you for sure.

The best thing is to just cover your bases and add a disclaimer anyway, theres no actual functionality you need to build, and providing a simple button wouldn't be too difficult.

There are also probably dozens of copy/paste solutions out there for this very common problem.


if they are tracking your users, you must tell them that before hand and if possible offer an option to disable it

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