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re: Python is overrated. It is a weird language, you spend more time organizing tabs than anything else. Not to mention the dependency management, havi...

Although I do agree that Python is overrated, I never really care about, nor do understand, the indentation hate.

It is overrated because data types and data structures are slow, unless you use some C/C++ bindings, like NumPy. So in the end, it just wraps another language.

Not to mention that the IDE is never as smart as TypeScript, Kotlin or Java.

venv is overrated or not, it might be better than polluting the global installation by default, like Golang or Ruby.

JupyterLab and Conda are cool, but I don't get why it is built into Python.


Small pedantic note: the data types and data structures are slow in CPython, the default implementation. Pypy, another major implementation of Python, is implemented in itself instead of atop C, and performs much closer to compiled languages.

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