re: How do you cover for domain name costs in FOSS projects? VIEW POST

re: Best option use name.github.io . GitHub is SEO friendly and opensource developers loves GitHub. ( OR )Try fast.io : you can host site on drive like...

Great idea, but

  • I still need backend and hide secrets somewhere. Not sure if cross-domain API is safe? Don't have an experience with API Gateway as well.
  • Hosting a SQL is paid (like starting at 5 USD / mo). MongoDB Atlas is free and generous, but if you want automatic backup, it is paid as well (like starting at18 USD / mo). Obviously more expensive than a domain.

Database? Hmmm try firebase or heroku...

Or the best :
1) get free 256 mb lowest free Google cloud.
2) free domain from .tk or redirect your GitHub account domain to google cloud

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