Working with Pug and Markdown in Vue-CLI

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Using Pug is as simple as npm i pug-plain-loader pug, and it will modify the Webpack config for you.

Using Markdown is a little harder. Usually, you might use markdown-loader (or frontmatter-markdown-loader), but what I suggest is you can inline Markdown in Pug (and can inline Pug in Markdown as well, as I ranted here.)

You can do it using Pug filters, but you will also have to modify pug-plain-loader config. Inspect first.

$ vue inspect # or vue inspect > webpack.config.js

Now, look for pug-plain-loader. And tap the webpack config in vue.config.js accordingly

My solution is this,

const dotProp = require('dot-prop')
const showdown = require('showdown')
const mdConverter = new showdown.Converter({
  simpleLineBreaks: true

module.exports = {
  chainWebpack: (config) => {
      .tap((options) => {
        options = options || {}
        dotProp.set(options, 'filters.markdown', (s) => {
          return mdConverter.makeHtml(s)
        return options

      .tap((options) => {
        options = options || {}
        dotProp.set(options, 'filters.markdown', (s) => {
          return mdConverter.makeHtml(s)
        return options

options is actually undefined, BTW. For dot-prop, I use it so as not to override any config unnecessarily.

Now, vue inspect again, to double check your solution.

Now, you can use Markdown in Pug.

<template lang="pug">
        # hello

<script lang="ts">
import { Vue, Component } from 'vue-property-decorator'

export default class Home extends Vue {}


As I work with TypeScript and Vue a lot, and the default TypeScript Vue snippet (as in Vetur) is not what I wanted, so I created a new snippet.

Find User Snippet in Preferences, and click it.

User Snippet VS Code

Find Vue.

My vue.json is as follows.

    "ts-property": {
        "prefix": "ts",
        "body": [
            "<script lang=\"ts\">",
            "import { Vue, Component } from 'vue-property-decorator'",
            "export default class ${0:App} extends Vue {}",

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