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Discussion on: Finally Understanding JavaScript

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Patrick Tingen

I think you can do better with the birthday song. Why not use a loop to 4 instead of 2 and use an IF-THEN-ELSE construction to print the different line on the count of 3.....
Apart from that: happy coding :)

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Lynne Author

Nice! I didn’t think of that! Thanks so much for pointing that out. That’s great advice and I’ll keep that in mind for improvement. 👍🏼

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If-then-else? How about picking up another technique, the ternary operator?

while (i < 4) {
let message = (i ==3) ? "Happy Birthday dear " + name + "," : "Happy Birthday to you.
i = i + 1;

Which isn't the end of ways to refactor this. You could get rid of the temporary variable by having the ternary inside the document.write(), and you could change the while loop to a for loop. There's almost never only one way to do something when it comes to programming.

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Lynne Author

This is great! Thanks for building on this code and showing me another way to write it! I'm learning so much.