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Especially in the beginning, WP was more or less like Apple: it just worked. In 2006 I wanted a replacement for my blog that was based on e107. I wanted to move away from e107 because of a lack of development. I tried Joomla first, but since I had no experience with CMS's I just had no clue how to get it working. Even getting a 'hello, world' post was a drama. I had to create a blog post type first, had to create user groups, blog post type groups thingies, link both to each other, add authorisation and blog post view type thingie membership linking and what not. In short: it didn't make me happy.

Then I tried WP and within 3 minutes I had my 'hello world' post. Those 3 minutes were mainly so long because I stared a full 2 minutes at the screen - with my mouth open, unwilling to believe it could really be that simple - before I hit the 'publish' button.

I never switched again.

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