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DataDigger 23 available

There it is, a new version. Right on time as an early Easter present. A version with some nice new features and a LOT of bugfixes, thanks to the DataDigger Testing Team (Thanks guys!)

Multiple sorting

You can now sort on more than one level in the DataDigger. Take a look at the following screen. I have sorted the customers on their country:


When I press CTRL and click on the ‘State’ column, the sort is expanded:


As you can see, the records are now sorted by Country, then by State. You can add up to 9 levels of sorting this way.

As an alternative, you can press the small button to the left of the filter fields. The one with the two arrows pointing up and down. It will open a dialog where you can specify or change the sort as well:


Show Value

When you right-click on a value in the data browse, you can choose to let DataDigger show the value. Nothing new, you say.


But now there is 🙂 If you do this while having selected more than one row, you will now see the nr of selected rows, the min, max and avg value of the selected rows:


Physical name in title 

The datadigger already showed database and table name in the title of the window. In the settings screen, you can now choose whether you want to see the logical database name, the physical or none. By default, this will be the logical name, just like it always has been.



Remember E.T.? Well: starting with this version, DD will phone home too. Unless you cut the line, that is. I wrote a full blogpost on the pingback feature, so read about it here if you are interested or if you want to turn it off.

Easter Egg

Because this is the easter egg edition, there is also a …. Ah well, find it yourself 🙂


You can find the new version on GitHub, and as always, my advice is: have fun!

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