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DataDigger in Notepad++

jggruitIf you are using Notepad++ as an editor, you should really check out the plugin 3P from Julien Caillon. His plugin 3P – short for Progress Programmers Pal – is a fan-tas-tic addition to Notepad++. Its list of features is almost endless, his support is great and he provides extra tooling from within Notepad++. It is possible to call DataDigger from Notepad++ with ALT-D. The latest version will be downloaded from GitHub and installed. Same story for ProParse; just press F12 and the latest version will auto-install.

You can install 3P via the plugin manager of Notepad++. Click ‘Plugins > Plugin Manager > Show Plugin Manager’


And select 3P from the list of available plugins. It should be at the top


After installing, Notepad++ will restart to complete the installation. 3P will give some additional notifications about syntax highlighting and update checks. Just follow the instructions and then, when the plugin is installed, press ALT-D.


It will tell you that you need to provide the path to the Progress executable. Set it and try again. When DataDigger is installed, you should be welcomed with


Happy Digging in Notepad++



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