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Reading this made me remember an old project I worked on. It was a really big project and the company wanted it to go to production ASAP. So they took a lot of fast decisions, didn't plan much and they formed a team of Jr devs.
The MVP was put on production a couple of months later.
After that the bug fixing never stopped and the product has awful performance issues due (mostly) to architecture decisions taken without enough planning.

So, in my opinion...
Companies should invest in building high quality products that are just as good on the inside as they're on the outside.
And all dev teams should take responsibility for their code and at least try to explain the consequences of bad and fast code to the rest of the company.


Hey Paula! Thanks for your feedback :)

What you said about "responsibility" is an important topic. It is something Robert Martin (Uncle Bob) calls professional attitude and I truly agree :)

I read two articles very interesting which you might also like:

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