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Discussion on: Does your background make your work unique?

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Paula Santamaría Author

Thank you, Danielle! Would you mind telling me more about how working in the food and hospitality industry relates to your current work? It sounds super interesting, and I'd love to know more about it.

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Danielle Hoopes

Hi Paula,

I make design web applications for customers to use to complete a variety of tasks such as purchasing items and generating reports for inventory and billing statements. After spending years learning how to anticipate the needs of the consumer in hospitality, I have been able to bring that knowledge with me to my designs. I know what individuals are looking for when they are buying and how best to present a product to them.

I make my pages as easy to navigate as possible but include as much information about a product as possible. I have been successful using this model.

My communication style was molded in hospitality as well. I use a relaxed conversation style that draws out the most truthful version of a person. This I believe, allows me to truly find out what would best suit a business user or customer when I’m building.