My thoughtful twitter assistant is LIVE!

Paula Santamaría on September 02, 2019

You may have seen this post I wrote a while ago: I'm building a thoughtful Twitter assistant! Paula S... [Read Full]
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Oh that's really cool and congrats on your launch, but I found a little typo,(cephhi.com/app/) when you have no time frames yet, it's written "Your didn't set..." instead of "You didn't set..."


Thanks Gabriel! That kind of typos are very common when you are deploying at 3am :D


Sounds good! Congratulations for the launch :)

Okay, so to get this right.

The ideas are the actual text that will be posted? It's not a bunch of keywords you use to generate a text?

It simply permutates hashtags, links, and ideas and posts them on my twitter?


Thank you for trying Cephhi!

The ideas are the text that will be posted, exactly. If you can think of a better name for that field please tell us. Would "caption" be more appropiate? The name for that field was one of the biggest challenges 😅

What the assistant does is pick a random content, a random idea + link and 5 random hashtags max, always avoiding repeating the content and ideas so it can generate completely different tweets for as long as the provided info allows it (the more info you upload, the better).


I think "caption" is used for image description texts specifically (at least on Twitter).

My ideas: Text, content, content text, text content or something like that.

Idea sounded like "Drop some ideas here and we figure out a text for you"

You're right. We'll change that, thank you again!


That's the only sign in method currently available. Did you experience any issues signing in?


Originally the OAuth looked to be failing. Now there is an "Ups ERROR.500"

I'm seeing the error in the logs now, apparently there's some issue getting the user's email from twitter. Thanks for letting us know! I'll come back to you as soon as we fix it.

I haven't got an email on twitter! might be the cause.

I didn't know that was possible 😅 Sorry about that.

It's fixed! Sorry for the inconvenience, let me know if I can help you with anything!

I'm experiencing issue too trying to sign in with Twitter :'(
I have a nice modal with "Ups" in it. Can't figure out why I can't sign in.

I'm very eager to test Cephhi!

Sorry to hear that Frin! Are you still experiencing the issue? If that's the case, would you please follow me back so we can chat and track it?


Congratulations on launching.

I am still a bit fuzzy because of the wording. I wonder if the copy is written by a non-native English speaker.

One of the pains for me as a content creator is hashtagging. So a service that had someone manually prepping my posts with the optimized hashtags, with the body text and put it on a schedule would be useful

On Instagram, I never have time to properly tag, Luckily Karan my UX always edits my posts and corrects them. Imagine if there was a service where you could a Karan who came in and adjusted your posts to be optimal.


Apologies for my poor english!
Would you please tell me which phrases were confusing so I can re-write them?

We're evaluating adding some tool that'll help you find related and relevant hashtags, thanks for the feedback!


Hi! I still get a "Ups, something went wrong, try again later" message when clicking to signing with twitter. Really would like to check it out...


Sorry about that! If you're still having this issue would you please follow me back? I'd like to ask you some questions so I can track down the problem.


Done! Still having issues. I can't really see why, as all requests respond with code 200. The only thing I saw was an XHR request, "de.json", not containing actual json.

Thank you so much for this comment, it was key to figure out the issue!


"Ups, something went wrong, try again later" should be "Oops, something went wrong! Try again later."


Omg, you're right! Thank you.

Some users were experiencing a localization issue (basically anyone whose browser isn't in english or spanish). If that's your case we already released a fix for that. Please let me know if you're still experiencing any issues.

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