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Hi, Scott!

I was really interested in Svelte, but I haven't ever used Typescript before and that became enough of an issue that I had to choose something else.

Could you please describe a little bit how exactly Typescript was affected you to use Svelte? Actually, Svelte doesn't support Typescript at all for now.


My bad, I meant to say Stencil. Trying to get a grasp on the concepts behind web components takes a lot of brain cycles for me right now...they make total sense to me and a componentized architecture with communication visa a message bus is how I have been designing Javascript for years. So I understand what they are supposed to accomplish and it excites me, but I have a very informal definition of building components over the years vs doing it in a standardized way. Hand coding components just takes a really long time, so I felt like I would be wasting time if I didn't go with one of these support libraries. Typescript was just one thing more to have to remember on top of everything else, it was information overload and I was super-stressed out already.

I also think it might have been a much better ending to the story if I wasn't working with an ASP.NET Web Forms-based CMS. There is 0 info out there on getting Webpack set up in Web Forms, and it is something I struggle to do in a modern environment already. This project was the breaking point where I realized there was so much technical debt in this company's website that making any productive, major changes was going to be near impossible. It was built by an "expert" agency before I was hired and it was some of the worst code I have ever seen, so glad they "accepted my resignation early" and let me go.

I'd be curious to see them work out on a project I don't actively dread working on.

Oh, I see, everything fell into place. So, I definitely advise you to try Svelte. It has pure and neat syntax and a bunch of built-in features under the hood. Shows us great benchmarks metrics and can be compiled as native Web Component by setting a single flag in compiler options. Check out this video for a quick overview:

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