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You can do much better. There is still a lot to optimize on the first page (didnt look at the second).
For example,

5.5MB SVG ( WOW ) - view-source:chrisconnelly.dev/assets/images/_s...

180+KB svg which inside has basically base64 bitmap. ( view-source:raw.githubusercontent.com/teamalln... )

Fonts pulled from google

Using rawgit instead of netflify cdn for hosting (unnecessary different domain)


@pawel rawgit.com is discontinued according to site and repo. Any idea if rawgit.org is any good?
Also what do you mean unnecessary different domain? If assets moved to xxx.dev on Netlify then it's the same domain and that could be better?


I mean, any domain different than CDN you usually use is going to hit performance in a negative way, because of SSL handshakes, so no matter what you choose, you should stick to it for all assets. I just assumed netlify would be the best, because your html and most other assets are there.

So in short, yes, moving assets to netlify will make things better :)

Additionally, self-hosting fonts allows you to optimize them. Look at dev.to/platformos/optimizing-font-... if you want to squeeze last bit of perf from your fonts (minimizing hops + size)

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