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Hi, I'm Pavlo Farb

pavfarb profile image Pavlo Farb ・1 min read

Hi, I'm Pavlo, I've been programming / auditing cryptographic and general security code for last decade or so. AFoUA veteran, few steps away from PhD in cryptoanalysis.

I've been coding for last 20+ years or so, my first language was C, Thanks to military service, I've seen some obscure stuff like Forth, PL/M and OpenVMS multi-language sources.

You can find me on Twitter as @pavFarb, but I don't really tweet a lot, yet.

I live in Kyiv, Ukraine, and work for cryptographic research lab Cossack Labs (, where we try to make complex cryptography friendlier to regular devs.

I mostly program in C, GoLang and Python nowadays, recently gave a few glances into Rust and Crystal territory for some projects.

Most of my life I'm learning new things about data security, and, being a bit old already and having found true love, I guess that's what I'll be learning a lot till I retire.

Nice to meet you.

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