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My Google Warsaw(Poland)SDE university Grad Role Experience

Hi everyone πŸ‘‹

I got the opportunity to interview with Google Warsaw(Poland) for Software Engineer Role(University Grad), off campus. The story is quite dramatic πŸ™ˆ. Hope you enjoy it.

Selection Status : ❌

Interview Experience: βœ”οΈ

Recruitment Experience: βœ…(OK)

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How I applied?

It was on around of end of February when I received this mail from a Google Recruiter, which said that my resume had been shortlisted for the Google SDE university Grad role 2022, and I was asked for preferred dates for the Interview.
As soon as I received the mail, I replied to the Recruiter within 2 days about me.


The phone call with the recruiter was 1st interview. I attended the phone call, wherein she informed me that I was shortlisted for the Interview Round πŸ₯³ (this call happened after my mail response to the recruiter).
What my recruiter asked during an interview, I will say nothing, just my past experience, where and how I interned. It was easy, after this, I was shortlisted for the next technical interviews, she made me aware of what and how many rounds will be there.
I asked can I take around 1 month time to prepare, and the answer was simple it depends on much time the role is opened, I was lucky I got 1 month time to prepare.
then in the 1st week of April, my interview was scheduled, and I did whatever was possible to prepare in-between times,
now interview came and the interviewer was good but he speaks less directly and jumped to questions, then he explained the question.
I gave the brute force solution to him after thinking for 5 mins. then we discussed the time complexity of the solution, he told me to optimize my solution, I have taken much time in optimizing it (negative point) then he said me to write my brute force solution, I explained him, and the interview ended with the last question about I asked him his experience at Google.
It, within a week I got a mail from the recruiter that we are not moving forward just because an optimized solution is needed.


Try to optimize the solution as soon as you can. I can't disclose the solution due to google policy but yes it was from array/string.

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