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COVID-19 Pandemic: Ensure Business Continuity By Leveraging Remote Devices For Mobile App Testing

The world is battling coronavirus as it continues to spread and disrupt people’s lives. WHO has issued precautionary guidelines to prevent more people from getting infected by COVID-19. People’s lives are being affected as the number of infected people is increasing exponentially all over the world. Also, this outbreak has painted a gloomy picture for businesses across the world. The most important precautionary measure that corporations are taking is to provide work from home options to their employees.

Apart from this, organizations are taking different initiatives to spread awareness that would help curb the outbreak. Reddit Co-founder took such an initiative by putting up messages on billboards at the New York times square that says “staying home means saving lives.”

We request people not to panic and avoid misinformation. The most effective way to control the situation is by staying at home as much as we can until the situation gets under control. We also need to address the huge impact on the global economy. The business might have to bear huge losses in the coming days, as demand and productivity might take a hit. But we need to figure out ways to ensure business continuity while adhering to the guidelines set by the health organizations.

While people are working from home, remote access tools and platforms could help them maintain productivity. pCloudy is one such tool that gives you remote access to hundreds of real devices to test your app.

So let’s see 10 ways how pCloudy could help in maintaining business continuity in these crucial times.

1.Remote access to devices: Test your apps from home by accessing remote devices on pCloudy. You don’t have to worry about touching or managing the devices.

2.Device access to geographically distributed teams: Since testing professionals are working remotely, the problem is sharing the limited number of devices for app testing among the team members. With pCloudy offering a range of devices over cloud, members across different locations can access hundreds of real devices on the cloud for their app testing needs.

3.All in one: Manual and automation testing can be performed remotely on real devices. The platform is well suited for continuous testing and optimizes your DevOps process.

4.Autonomous testing bot: use our AI power autonomous testing bot to minimize the effort and time spent on testing.

5.Team management: Manage platform access to the team members and share detailed app test reports.

6.Parallel testing: Run automation tests in parallel on multiple devices to increase the testing efficiency.

7.Latest devices: No need to wait for the delayed shipments of the new devices as all the latest devices are available on pCloudy.

8.Fully integrated: pCloudy is integrated with most of the popular tools and frameworks used for task management, version control, test automation, etc.

9.Device tunnel: Developers can use features like Device tunnel to access devices in their Dev environments like Android Studio or Xcode

  1. Quality support: Achieve quality@speed in mobile app testing while working from home. Our technical support team will be available to help you 24/7.

11.Device management: Hassle-free app testing for our users and our cloud infra team will take care of the continuous availability and maintenance of the devices.

We advise you to avoid the use of mobile device labs or sharing devices among the team for testing. Mobile devices are the ideal carriers of germs and microbes. Remote working is a necessity now, and it will be new normal in the near future. You can stay ahead of others in this initiative and adopt flexible work preferences. Contact us if you need more information on how pCloudy could help in enhancing productivity while working from home.

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