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Piotr Drozd Open Source Release 0.1

In my previous blog i talked about the lab 1 in my open source course which was about working with someone else in my class to review my Static Site Generator. Now it is complete for the first release of the Assignment.

What is my SSG

pdrozd-ssg is the ssg or Static Site Generator I created, it is made with Python 3. Originally I wanted to use C++ or JavaScript as that was a language i have a lot of experience with however i decided i wanted to try something new so i wanted to use python. My only experience with python is my introduction to computer science class in high school where I first learned programming. So i didn't have much experience working with it. After using it for this assignment I feel more confident learning new things as after working with so many languages at Seneca i feel like I am a way better developer than when i started off.

Optional Features

The Optional Features i included were

  1. Parsing a title from the files then i would create a header inside the HTML from that title

  2. Recursively searching directories so i can find Text files

  3. Generate a Index File from the created documents

How to use

after installing python 3 and cloning the directory to your machine use the below command with any of the following options options

py .\ [options]

  • -h or --help this will display to the user the options they have

  • -v or --version this will display to the user the current verison of pdrozd-ssg

  • -i or --input this with a combanation of file or directory will output your files as a Static Site
    to use put in the format py -i or --input [file.txt] or [directory]

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