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Using Github Actions to automate my tests

This week I improved my SSG by using Github Actions. I added a script that automatically runs my tests so I can test if my main features still work after adding things to my code. After that, I added tests to Tong's SSG SSGifier so I can help test his Github actions script

What I did to my Repo


First I added a .yml script that runs my script on Github actions every time I run my script.


Then I added a new test to test my script. Afterwards, I broke it and then fixed it to see if it works.

What I did to Tong's Repo


After reading Tongs contributing.MD file I set up my testing framework and started work on a new test. I decided to test to see if his markdown files were working properly.

What I learned

Using Github actions allows for a lot of automation in things like testing and code formatting. It's good to use it because if someone is contributing you can focus on their things rather than the main features.

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