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Overview of My Submission

CrimeAlert is a simple Web based app which is built using Appwrite. The website allows you to view the nearby crime incidences in a given time range, and can alert you about incidences in your locality so you can be careful.

I was inspired to create this website, as I had unknowingly passed by a locality where a crime had occurred and was alerted by the locals. Using this website, users can know if the locality they are in is safe or is currently unsafe.

The website gains data about crimes by using user-reported statistics from the report page, which allows us to build an initial database and also allow for public sourcing of data.

It utilizes Appwrite for maintaining the database of users and also to store the crimes reported, with their location and other details.

The user is first prompted to create an account or sign in, upon which he is then taken to the location page where the location of the user is derived. After this the server checks for reports of crimes nearby in a particular radius using the coordinates, and reports them on the home page.

The website can allow the user to check if his locality or the locality he currently is in is safe.

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Link to Code

Crime Alert

A way for users to know if they are in a safe space.

The website utilizes Appwrite to manage user creation and authentication and data storage.

The website works by referencing a publically sourced database of crimes, which is reported by the users of the app. It then calculates the distance of the occurence of the crime from the users location, and displays the danger levels along with the number of crimes according to the distance radius.

Screen Shots

Login Page Login Page

Sign Up Page Sign Up Page

Location Page Location Page

Report Page Report Page

Home Page Home Page

Additional Resources / Info

Login Page
Login Page

Sign Up Page
Sign Up Page

Home Page
Home Page

Report Page
Report Page

Location Page
Location Page

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