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Yes I am that nuts

A new project got approved for my dev team. Okay, it's not my dev team. I'm a senior member but not the lead. Anyhoo.

I got assigned to the data modeling aspect. You know, design and build the database? I'm a self-styled "full stack developer," since I handle a little of everything -- front-end, back-end, database. I do it all, but I prefer front-end, but I do have a soft spot in my heart for building database designs.

So in a team meeting, we were discussing the new project. I said I was looking forward to working on the data model, and my boss looked at me like I was nuts.

If that's how you like it, then heck yeah I am. Yeah, this is the job that pays my bills, but that doesn't mean I can't love the crap out of it sometimes. I guess the moral of this little anecdote is:

Don't let people shame you about what you love. Own it. Make it yours. Love your job, if you're so inclined, and always love yourself.

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