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Dynamic Schema name in SQL View

I've recently answered a T-SQL question over on Stackoverflow. Unfortunately, I've answered it a long time after it was published, so I'm not even sure if the OP have seen my answer.

This question has a very low view rating (45 views at this time) and I'm wondering about other ways to solve the OP's problem. I'm pretty sure my suggestion will solve the problem, but since it uses DDL triggers (which I have no real-world experience with), I'm wondering is there a better way. So, what do you think? have any suggestions?

Dynamic Schema name in SQL View


I have two datasets:

  1. one is data about dogs [my data]
  2. the second is a lookup table of matching keys [I have no control over this data]

The matching keys are updated regularly, and I want to create a View (or something that fulfills the same purpose) of the Dog…

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