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Great article, thanks a lot.

How do you deal with the "social" stuff? Even if you are the type of guy, who sits all day with his headphones on and eats alone at his desk, you still have some social interactions. Even the goodmornings-goodnights. Do you happen to feel socially isolated or something similar, from time to time?


I don't. But at Surevine, where I work, we make a point of video-calling each other for a chat as well as just for work. Plus there's the usual dailies etc which keep you in the loop.


On our team we do a daily "huddle" via video chat ( This lets us see each other each day and go over what we are all working on for the day. I can also video chat anyone as needed.

If you require more social interaction you might consider investigating "co-working spaces". These are shared office space for people that work remotely. I've also used them sporadically in the past, but don't feel I need them (and they can be noisy/busy).

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