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Programming has very little to do with maths.


Yeah I sucked at math (shit grades, 68% final exam) and was told to pursue stuff more fit for a 'languages guy'. Coming up with how to phrase Google queries earns 90% of my keep.


Engineering & systems analysis, on the other hand, do have a bit to do with one or more maths.


Absolutely - there are a whole bunch of things you can do with code that involve rather a lot of maths, and that it would alarm me if someone without strong maths skills was attempting. But code itself is just talking to computers, and does not require much mathematics.


It has everything to do with applied maths. It has very little/nothing to do with pure maths (e.g. math class). When most people say "I hate maths" or "I'm no good at maths", they mean math class.

Exceptions if you're working on a game engine (calculus, linear algebra) or data analysis (statistics).


I always thought I was terrible at math. I probably still am. I failed every algebra course I've taken. If I wanted to finish my bachelor's, I'd have to pay to take a pre-algebra test. That said, if I were to study anything at this point, it wouldn't be computer science.

Everything I learned about math, I had to learn on my own. I've created game engines and learned algebra they don't even teach to undergraduates. I had to teach myself trigonometry, geometry, matrix math and transformations.

I did that because it was interesting, and useful. Outside of game programming, I don't really ever need much of that knowledge now. Making software is a lot more than writing code. It's better to know how to communicate effectively with your team, know how to learn and ask good questions, and have a good work ethic and sense of professionalism. Your GPA in math matters about as much to me as your GPA in grade school, for all I care. Nobody asks, or cares, where you went to school. Similar to how adults stop giving each other birthday presents, I guess? You outgrow it, because there's more important stuff to do.

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