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We were hunter-gatherers, programmed to go to sleep at sundown because waking up at noon was not a great plan for surviving predators. For thousands of years, we have lived this way. We haven't had time to override the default settings of our species concerning our sleep.

Perhaps something interesting about this is that being active only during the day and having an 8 hour sleep in the night seems to be more of an industrial age thing, rather than the way we've been living for thousands of years.

Some studies and old literature suggest that people before the industrial age practiced something called the interrupted sleep which consisted of 1st and 2nd sleep. The pause in between was used for people to pray, socialize, even visit neighbours and so on. More about this in The myth of the eight-hour sleep

Other than that, I completely agree with you that blue light is an enemy of good sleep and going to bed at around 10 PM definitely makes a difference!


Interesting read. It would seem that we started playing with our sleep cycles earlier than I thought.

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