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Emask Notifier - DigitalOcean App Platform Hackathon

What I built

Emask Notifier is a background worker that running a process and managed by Supervisor daemon.

This notifier can monitor this Emask website and check whether the e-Mask can be available for buying.

Emask Website

Emask Website(EN)

At this moment, it doesn't have the public API service for everyone because it's only for people in Taiwan.

To be private usage, it's only for my friends to let them receive the notification message and know the masks are available to buy.

In the future, it will have the contact form to let people in Taiwan can allow this notifier sends notification via Vonage SMS API to specific cell-phone number.

Category Submission:

Program for the People

App Link

At this moment, it's not available because this is the notifier and it's running as the background process on the targeted operating system.


If someone is in the default phone lists, it will get following SMS message:



If developers want to setup own notifier for this eMask notifier, it's very easy to build.

And the completed README is available here.

Link to Source Code

GitHub logo peter279k / emask-notifier

The e-mask notifier for improve feature



Using the Nexmo API to make SMS message with specific phone number and user.

Emask Notifier Installation (Deprecated)

  • Set up a Nexmo account on Nexmo developer site
  • Creating phone.csv and locate this CSV file is with on same directory.

And the format is as follows:

  • Set api_key as a system environment variable with echo 'export api_key="{your_api_key}"' | sudo tee -a /etc/environment on /etc/environment file
  • Set api_secret as a system environment variable with echo 'export api_secret="{your_api_secret}"' | sudo tee -a /etc/environment on /etc/environment file
  • Using cd /path/to/emask-notifier/ && ./ as a Cronjob to let this Bash script do work automatically.
  • Done. Happy to do notification for your friends :)!

Emask Notifier Uninstallation (Deprecated)

  • Remove api_key system environment variable on /etc/environment file
  • Remove api_secret system environment variable on /etc/environment file
  • Remove this Cronjob work.

Emask Notifier for notifier.php Installation

  • Checking the supervisor, curl and cron commands have…

Permissive License

The license is under MIT and available here.


When the COVID-19 is ravaging the world, the mask is very important for people to avoid droplet infection.

Fortunately, the Taiwan government provides the e-mask website for Taiwan people to buy ten masks per two weeks.

However, the website doesn't have the subscription service that sending the notification via SMS to people and notify them buying masks.

That's the main reason why I build this notifier worker and setup the process running on the operating system :).

Additional Resources/Info

I'm grateful for these services to help me to complete this notifier:

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