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Discussion on: With These Tips You Will Rock Every Technical Job Interview

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Peter Kühne

Lots of good tips there Michael!

One thing I would caution about though is the "Talk about yourself" section. While it's absolutely important to show that you are capable of independent decision-making, as an interviewer, I'm also looking for a team player. I've rejected plenty of people because all they did is talk about themselves.

A good interviewer will give you an opportunity to talk about others with a question like: "Was anyone else involved in this project?". That's not an opportunity to say: "No, I did everything by myself!" but rather "Absolutely, I was working in a team of three and we all had our area of expertise, but we would frequently review each others code, share best practices and discuss solutions." or something to that effect.

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Michael Hoffmann Author

Absolutely, I totally agree with your statement. Thanks for mentioning!