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re: Most of the things just works out of the box on macOs, on linux, you often have to fiddle with things to get them to work, and it can be quite chal...

Couldn't the same be said of Windows, which is cheaper for comparable hardware (unless you ðŸĪŠ build yourself a hackintosh). Also, how long has it been since you used Ubuntu?? There have been great strides with that of late in terms of user friendliness etc. You still have to muck about on the command line on occasion (but you do with Mac as well in my experience; and don't get me started about the annoyance which is that key chain...) but most of the major packages people use Ubuntu for do just work out of the box now without much config. You are also a lot more free with a Linux distro and don't have to worry about licensing etc...

I've been using ubuntu and other linux distros for years, and I could always find my way through the problems, I've always been and I'm still using 6-8 terminal at a time, so it's not far away from me.

Yeah, tabbing is great, but I prefer tmux sessions, to have multiple on the same screen :)

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