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Edge Delivers Broadside to Chrome

An unusual W10 update came bowling in today in the form of a singular Edge update which, without further a do, syncronised EVERYTHING from Chrome including passwords, favourites icon bar and extensions, then pinned itself to the taskbar and asked if I wanted to make my default browser thereby providing a level of accessibility hitherto unseen from MS apps.
The new Edge even offers some features Chrome doesnโ€™t. For example, Edge has a built-in tracking prevention feature and a potentially unwanted program (PUP) blocker.
By all accounts MS has also done some work on making its version of dev tools viable.
So, who's it for? MS fans, those who want it all in one place, as it were, and those who haven't completely embraced the Google phenomenon.
Either way, it's a serious contender aimed deliberately at winning market share from Google Chrome.
Will you jump?

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Jonathan de Jong

Chrome is pushing back, I've already jumped to chromium Edge, but I find this unasked migration a bit invading from microsoft.

Although its a step in the right direction, if microsoft can cross-platform this to linux and macos, they basically can support those old IE-compatible sites on any platform, while still progressing chromium forward.