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MindTalk - Why we built on Blockstack platform

petertoth profile image Peter Toth ・1 min read

One reason we don't see many consumer-friendly Blockchain projects is they either try to use Blockchain for the wrong problem or are too difficult to use. As for now, you are left off with using centralized service or jump through technical hoops of decentralized projects.

This is slowly changing and there are a handful of projects trying to strike balance between ease of use and decentralization. One of them is Blockstack which is trying to give you more control over your data and identity. It uses Blockchain only for ownership of rare digital assets like identity and cryptography to encrypt your data which can be stored where you pick instead of an application server.

All of this happens behind the scenes so the developer can use their favorite front-end stack and let Blockstack library do the wok. For example, if you want to load your application data and decrypt them for signed user:

const userSession = new UserSession();
// ... code for signing the user
// once user signed in
userSession.getFile('myAppStorage.json', {decrypt: true}).then((result) => {
// handle the data

Simplicity and good developer support is of the reasons we picked the platform for our completely private diary application. We don't handle user data at all, we just provide the UI. It's still relatively early stage, but I think Blockstack is worth a try.

You can see try the app here or see screenshots below.

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