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Discussion on: Do you have any energy and time for your personal goals after a full day of work at your job?

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Peter Witham

The short answer would be no but I force myself to do it anyway.

The longer answer is that I know once I get myself started, I will find the energy to continue knowing full well that both areas of my life will benefit from the time spent.

Plus, most of the time, my evenings are when I get to really sit down and either solve a problem or research and learn about it, even when it's a problem for the day job.

When we have full-time jobs, it is easy to get caught in the trap of 'doing the usual daily stuff' and never moving beyond that, this is especially problematic if we decide we want to either move on or start working in a new technology area.

I think as developers, we are always preparing for the next thing, and it seems a lot of the time we have to do that preparation in those 'off hours'.

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Ilona Codes Author

Thanks a lot for your message! πŸ‘yes, we are ✌️