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Scott, this is a great question to put out there for discussion.

I think when someone is a junior that is the most critical time to get as much advice as possible, despite all of the cool things we have at our disposal today, sitting with someone and asking in person is still the best way to soak up information in my opinion. Not to mention those sparks that come to you over the water cooler.

Being remote is a great way to give more time to reading technical things like languages, tools and all of the other static information. But the career advice and real World information are what you really need to get in person I think.

It is often the way someone presents something that tells you more than the content. Plus it is all too easy to forget that social interaction at a personal level is so important to set you on a path to future success, a face on a screen or phone just won't give you that.


This is pretty much my opinion too Peter, thanks for your reply 🙏

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