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"Words matter. The words we use to define concepts have a lot of importance"

Yep, they do. Context also matters. Pretending you don't know a word doesn't make whatever connotations may apply to said word (out of context) magically disappear. Should we also stop using the word "integrated" in IDE, since it's also a reminder if you take it entirely out of context? How about "dark" color schemes and "race" conditions? On other "trigger" words, as mentioned in other comments, are you also going to insist on renaming FAT (file allocation table)? How about "smart TVs", since the name must surely be offensive to those who got a low SAT score, or even "SAT" for paraplegics who find its association with "stood" offensive? How about the handiman's footstool? Stool means poop in the same lack-of-context you're applying to Git's branches. Poop is gross so we shouldn't call a tool a piece of poop. For that matter, we're all using tools here, and "tool" is sometimes used as an insult, so we obviously need a new word for the things we're using every day to do our jobs.

The rabbit-hole of stereotypical SJW bullshit always goes deeper. Language has context, and that matters.

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