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re: My First 12 hours with Ruby VIEW POST


If you’re just getting started a couple suggestions:

  • Replace rvm for rbenv. Much less intrusive to your shell.

  • Pay close attention to the distinct between what is Rails and what is Ruby. Rails adds a lot of nice methods that aren’t ruby. It also adds a lot of magic that isn’t specific to ruby. A good grounding in Ruby will go a long way in clearing up said magic.

  • The Well Grounded Rubyist is one of the best books there is on ruby.


Thank you Philip! I will try out rbenv. I was not a fan of rvm changing my system Ruby version every time I wanted to change versions. I have been very aware of the Ruby VS Rails delimiter. I want to learn the language before jumping into any frameworks. Any other books you would recommend?


Probably not the best one to ask as I've been doing Ruby long enough all the books I read are years and years old. On the Rails side I hear very good things about

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