The new Angular YouTube Player component!

Craig ☠️💀👻 on November 02, 2019

Easily embed YouTube videos in your Angular applications! TL;DR; — There’s a cool new component in the Angular world 🌎! It ma... [Read Full]
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Thanks for the write up!

I just made some changes to show how you can have the video resize to fit its container space: github.com/angular/components/pull...

Here's that demo on StackBlitz: stackblitz.com/edit/youtube-player...


Thanks! That was super simple to use! I was also able to use breakpoint observer to make it responsive!


Does startSeconds work yet?

I can't seem to get it working though height and width work fine.


I've actually had the same issue! I started debugging it, but didn't get very far! You should raise an issue on the repo, or even make a PR!

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