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Nice post Diego!

The use of a CDN is a good aspect to call out and it can be a somewhat intimidating prospect. There is a lot of complexity involved in correctly configuring a CDN. Particularly if your site will change regularly (code, content, design, assets).

Since you talk a bit about CDNs, I'd just add that Netlify also provide a CDN for JAMstack sites. This is actually core to the service. It's just that as a developer you are protected from needing to configure it manually or worry about it. (Although you have quite a bit of control should you choose to explore that)

polite disclaimer: I work at Netlify, so while you weren't paid by Netlify for your kind comments, people might just expect it from me. :)


Hey! :-D

I use Netlify today exactly because I don't have to do a lot of work to have a simple project online.

Thank you for comment and continue with the good work. :-D

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