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How To Make Jetbrains Sexy

Philip John Basile
20+ years pro experience creating experiences on the web. I specialize in Vue.JS and Awesome CSS.
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How to make JetBrains.. SEXY!!
Step 01: Goto Plugins
Step 02: Download One Dark Theme by Mark Skelton FIRST
Step 03: Download Atom One Dark By Mayke
Step 04: Goto Appearance
Step 05: Make sure the theme is AtomOneDarkByMayke
Step 06: Use Custom Font Lucida Grande at Size 14
Step 07: Goto Editor -> Color Scheme > Scheme: and choose One Dark Vivid Italic
Step 08: Head back to Plugins and Install Atom Material Icons and Rainbow Brackets
Step 09: Pour a nice tall glass of wine, beer or cold brew and go code!
Really.. its really sweet
For Mac users
Now this is custom appearance font and not coding font
The UI
For coding my goto is Mono Lisa with Fira code as a backup for ligatures
I usually do size 16 if I'm on the big monitor or 12–14 if I'm just on the mac

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