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Oh wow, this is a horrible story and I'm glad it didn't happen to a more important number or truly mean an account breach.

I'm an evangelist at Twilio and I'd be happy to follow up internally to see what's going on here. Just drop me a note with your support ticket on dev.to DM or over email philnash [at] twilio [dot] com.

I appreciate the calm nature you dealt with the problem too. It must have been quite stressful with all those incoming calls!


Phil thank you for the response! I've just followed up in an email!

And I would also like to say that this could have happened with any carrier, I'm not specifically blaming Twilio. Twilio is just who our carrier happens to be. Other than this incident, Twilio has been perfect for us.

Follow you on Twitter, and I love the Twilio insights you give!!

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