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I have no interest in coding games in JS, but I read the article for the short parenting-and-coding paragraph! I have a 3 months old daughter and time for coding got really rare in the last months. I need more coding/parenting advices! :D

Did not read the rest of the article but flew over it: Amazing work and a very nice article! Thanks for sharing :)


haha I think I have some more advice on that front although it will probably feel self-evident as you read it. The first 6 months felt like I was in a haze, everything was a blur, a fog of exhaustion. I remember sitting one day drinking one of those horrible, horrible powder coffees (no energy to make real coffee) while Teo was asleep and telling my wife: "This is the first time I feel awake, like me, for the past 6 months. What the heck..."

Having a baby is tough as hell, words aren't enough to describe it as you very well know, so:

  • Don't have any expectations that you'll have time to do any coding at all. Expectations are evil. No expectations, no chance for broken expectations, no chance for additional stress, anger or irritation. See every bit of "free" time as a blessing from the heavens. Embrace it and thoroughly savour it and enjoy it.
  • When you have that "free" time don't waste it browsing twitter, or instagram, or facebook, or any social network (Unless you really, really enjoy that). It's good to have a pre-made plan of what you want to do with it so you can just do it when the time suddenly pops up. Be like a seal team. Be ready to do it and leave it at a moment's notice. Also maximize for happiness. What makes you happy?
  • (Redundant but) You're not going to have time to do more than one or two things on your "free" time, so focus on the 1-2 things that make you happy, if that's coding then do that. Don't set too hefty goals or expectations. I was going to say only 1 but I said 2 because coded and worked out (occasionally). Also within the realm of coding pick 1 thing to focus on if you want to feel any rewarding sense of progress at all (which I think is good).
  • If you're feeling like shit, sleep > coding. Sleep is magic. It makes your life worth living. :D
  • Plan for some free alone time (but don't be too hard on yourself or your partner if you can't seem to find time. I mean, you would think that you could be able to find 1h of free time a week, but sometimes you can't)
  • In general don't be too hard on yourself
  • For a while Teo would only sleep in the stroller so I'd listen to lots of coding podcasts and audiobooks. It's not the same as coding but it is a nice proxy. :D

That, from the top of my head. :D Perhaps we have some other parents with great advice? :D


I have a 4 months old baby and the last part of the title really caught my attention. Good tips BTW. What coding podcast you listen to?

Same here, Iā€™d like to know what you listen to as well for these coding walks

Jaime has a page on his website where he mentions them: barbarianmeetscoding.com/podcasts/.
Here is also a nice selection you can pick from: github.com/rShetty/awesome-podcasts

Thank you!

As Serghei shared (thank you! :D) those are the ones I usually listen to.

Do you have any of your favorites that you'd like to recommend? :D

Apart from the ones listed on your website, I also enjoy listening to JS Party, Command Line Heroes, and Reply All. šŸ‘

Thank you!! I've subscribed to all šŸ˜ JS Party has some awesome panelists šŸ˜€

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