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when targeting all the possible environments, more thinking and caution is required by the framework consumer/developer.

This is a really good point at the end of an overall unbiased article making really good observations. Thank you for writing it!

One problem with Flutter, which is the same as React Native, is that people think that if they just learn the framework, they will have an easy time making multiplatform apps. But as Airbnb pointed out about React Native, it's really a third platform sitting on top of the other two (Android and iOS...even worse if adding web and iPadOS and Windows and Mac and WatchOS, and tvOS, and Android TV and Android Wear, etc).

Kotlin Multiplatform, on the other hand, is upfront that common code should expect some actual platform specific implementation. And it accepts that UIs will/should be different on different platforms because the user experience guidelines, expectations, and requirements are different. At least, once you get past the early stages, that's when the "all in one" solutions become a hindrance and you start wishing for better native interior and switch back to native.

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