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Discussion on: #100DaysofCode worth it or not? 🤔

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Eugene Cheah

In legal realms, there is the concept of following the "spirit of the law", as oppose to the "letter of the law" 🤓

And I feel like its important to remember, the spirit of the "100 days of X", which is sadly commonly forgotten 😔

Especially for programming, where you should be spending a good chunk of your time planning before coding.

So perhaps a better way to phrase the challenge - a dedication for the next 100 days. To for at least a short moment everyday to either

  • 🤔 think and plan out your coding
  • ⌨️ do actual coding
  • ❤️ focus on life priorities (eg: love ones)
  • 🏖️ recharge oneself to focus back on the above

However because only 1/4 of what listed above has actual "historical commits". The challenge is more of a personal one then a public one to get into the habit. Which is easy to forget, especially when others obsess over the actual commits. And damn, it can be rather easy to justify oneself you are doing the challenge by the above standards (which would be against the spirit of it).

But as you pointed out, forcing yourself to commit code.... can pretty much result into junk code : which in a larger project will be rejected through code review 😢

So I would dare say, as long as your continuing thinking, even after the holidays (as obviously shown via this article) on how to improve your coding craft.

In my books : you are fulfilling the 100 day challenge 👍

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Sarthak Sharma Author

Thanks Eugene. You actually put it in a right way. The spirit of challenge should not die.