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Changelog #0006 — 🎨 Unified style

Another week, another update on our mission to provide the best experience to anyone working with APIs. Last week we launched the new Library feature in preview. While we’re busy building its remaining features (from must-haves to superpowers), HTTPie for Terminal reached 53K stars on GitHub, and we’ve managed to ship a few other goodies. Check out what's new 👇

🎨 Unified code style across the platform

We designed the new HTTPie brand with the incredibly talented team at Koto. Part of the brand is an extended product palette, which we—as a developer tools company—designed with a beautiful code syntax highlighting in mind.

Below is a page from our style guide and an example of how it cascades down through a Tailwind CSS config to our design system and to the product:

HTTPie colors

You have been able to see the code style (the — 🥁 — Pie style) in action here on the website as well as in the web and desktop apps for a while. Now we’ve added it to the development version of HTTPie for Terminal as well.

Once the upcoming HTTPie for Terminal v3.0.0 has been released, you’ll be able to use the new --style=pie-dark and --style=pie-light styles. If you switch between dark and light terminal schemes often (and don’t mind trading some legibility for the convenience of not having to specify which Pie theme to use) you can use the universal --style=pie.

This way, you’ll have a consistent experience across all HTTPie apps:


(Psst, we’ll be also looking into open-sourcing the Pie theme for use in various code editors.)

By the way, if you’re a designer and find what and how we’re building interesting, you should check out our jobs page 👀

✨ Other improvements

  • You can now open a collection in its own tab. Just click one in the library to open it. For now, you can see there a list of its requests. Later on, this tab is where all the collection superpowers will grow.
  • You could always copy a request or response. But what if you wanted only to copy its body? Fair enough, now you can: copy all, copy headers, copy body.
  • The request body type selectors were easy to miss at the bottom of our panels. Now they're more prominent and open by default when none is selected.

🪲 Fixes

  • Drag & drop (used for tabs and header/parameters rows) now works in the desktop app as well.
  • The number of parameters and headers displayed in their tabs incorrectly counted disabled items as well; now, it doesn't.
  • The sent request view didn't wrap the start-line. But now, you can include as many parameters as you need, and they'll always be visible in the start-line.

HTTPie for Terminal

HTTPie for Terminal has reached 53K stars on GitHub 🌟🎉 Making it the most popular API tool on GitHub, and a top-100 repository out of 200M+ overall.

Here’s a summary of this week’s improvements to the development version, which will be part of the upcoming v3.0.0 release.

✨ Improvements

  • The already mentioned new Pie --style options. (#1238)
  • Decoding is now up to 30% faster when dealing with large streamed responses. (#1243)
  • In addition to already existing install and uninstall commands, the httpie plugins interface can now also upgrade existing plugins. (#1241)

🪲 Fixes

  • Automatic syntax highlighting and formatting now works for complex Content-Type headers (e.g when a charset is specified). (#1244)

Happy testing, and see you next week!

Originally published on HTTPie blog.

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