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Discussion on: Should I listen to music while coding?

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Justin Lampe

Here has been my process thus far in regards to music choices while coding.

If I am doing tasks I do frequently, I can listen to any kind of music and be productive. But if I am grokking something rather complex, I will opt for instrumental music. I really like Rachmaninoff and Debussy. I also like vaporwave and dreamwave in these situations as well. Shameless plug If youre asking, "Whats vaporwave/dreamwave?" here is a dreamwave album I released with a friend last year:

There are also moments where I appreciate silence, but its not always an option. With the pandemic my girlfriend is often working from home in the same house as me and a lot of her work is doing zoom calls with clients and verbally walking them through things.

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poudyal_rabin Author

Hi Justin! Thank you for sharing your opinion. You are absolutely right. Most of the time we need to find the fine balance between if we want to play music or not based on the task we are into. :) :)

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