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React Native Wifi & Hotspot Wizard.

pika1998 profile image Prafulla Raichurkar ・1 min read

A react native library that will allow you to easily configure both Wifi & Hotspot settings programmatically using a single library.


npm install react-native-wifi-and-hotspot-wizard

Auto Linking

The library supports Auto Linking using the following command

react-native link react-native-wifi-and-hotspot-wizard


🧙‍♂️ Wizards

Wizards will help you do all the necessary magic ✨

In this context, Wizards are javascript classes that contain functions that will help you configure settings.

1. Wifi Wizard (for Wifi Related Configurations)

2. Hotspot Wizard (for Hotspot Related Configurations)

Runtime Permissions

Runtime permissions are automatically managed by the library.
Permission will be asked on the device whenever they are required

Importing Wizards

  import {WifiWizard, HotspotWizard} from 'react-native-wifi-and-hotspot-wizard';

Check out the API to learn some magic ✨

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For contributing check out

GitHub logo Pika1998 / react-native-wifi-and-hotspot-wizard

Configure essential Wifi and Hotspot Settings Easily


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